Topic: Job hunting

Listen and Practice: Find a job takes patience and skill. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

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Actual Transcription:

Before I graduate, I need to start looking for a full-time job to secure my future. Presently, I am working part-time in the evenings as a sales clerk for a small clothing company, but the pay is low, and there is no future in the job. Actually, I hope to find a job as a graphic designer for a computer company in this area. Of course, a good salary is important, but I want to work for a company that provides good health and retirement benefits, with opportunities to develop professionally. I am writing my resume now, and I will probably try looking online to find job openings. Job interviews also make me a little nervous, but if I prepare well, I should be able to get a job.

Reduced Speech:

Bəfore I graduate, I need  start looking fər ə full-time job  secure my future. Presently, I‘m working part-time in thə evenings as ə sales clerk fər ə small clothing company, but thə pay is low, and there’s no future in thə job. Actually, I hope  find ə job as ə graphic designer fər ə computer company in this area. Of course, ə good salary‘s important, but I want  work fər ə company that provides good health ən’ retirement benefits, with opportunities  develop professionally. I‘m writing my resume now, ən’ I‘ll probably try looking online  find job openings. Job interviews also make me ə little nervous, but if I prepare well, I should be able  get ə job.


  1. Discussion: What do  think thə keys are  finding thə ideal job? Describe thə process fər finding ə job in your field.
  2. The Internet: Search thə Internet fər job openings in your field. What qualifications are required? What is thə salary and what benefits are provided?