Accent Reduction Training: Frequently-Asked-Questions

Here is a list of commonly-asked questions about this site.


1. Why did you create this site?

Unfortunately, in many classrooms around the world, not enough language instruction focuses on the productive skills of speaking for a number of reasons including the demand to prepare for entrance exams or other such tests. Furthermore, many teachers lack the training or self-confidence to teach pronunciation, and students, left on their own, never can really pick up the rhythm of English. This is often due to the fact that English spelling does not equal pronunciation.

2. Why does your site only focus on relaxed or reduced speech?

First of all, let me emphasize that one accent isn’t better than another; it just happens that I am from the United States, and relaxed speech is very common as it is to different degrees with other varieties of English or other languages. Will it help students studying in different parts of the word? Definitely yes because the purpose of the site isn’t just for sounding more natural but also for understanding the speech of others.And second, trying to cover all aspects of pronunciation is just too much for one Web site to accomplish. I just feel that rhythm (which is affected by unstressed syllables in reduced speech) affects comprehensibility to a large degree; I’ll let other textbooks and Websites tackle other areas of pronunciation.

3. Is this site free to use online?

Yes. Like my other multimedia sites, the site is free to use online.

4. Can I download or copy the materials for either personal, educational, or for-profit use?

The text files can be printed off for personal study and review, but the audio files must remain on my site. They cannot be copied, reengineered, distributed, or uploaded to other Web sites, Intranet, or portable media players. Please read the complete Terms of Use HERE. I just ask that people kindly respect my work.

5. What are the terms of use for these materials?

All text and media files are the exclusive property of Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab (, and it is prohibited to copy, modify, redistributed, download, or upload the files to another local computer, Intranet, Website, or portable media player for either personal, non-profit, or other educational uses.


The images are from the free stock image site, and follow the terms of licensing thereon.


The Web site is meant specifically for online use.However, individual users are allowed to print the pages for offline use for personal study and then review the text away from the computer. Also, teachers can print a limited number of pages for one-time, incidental use; however, permission is not granted for teachers, schools, and other organizations to print the pages to create a packet or textbook for distribution to their students or other individuals.


Under certain conditions, companies and organizations can purchase the rights to use my materials for other educational or commercial purposes. If interested, please send specific details on how my content would be used.


Names of individuals, products, or companies referred to in the materials are fictitious and do not refer to any real, specific entities, and any similarities are merely coincidental.

6. Can I put a link to your site on mine personal or school site?

Yes, by all means, feel free to put a link on your site.

7. Why don’t you create more pronunciation activities focusing on other parts of accent training?

My main focus is on reduced speech that mainly affects rhythm. Of course, many other factors influence accent, but trying to cover everything isn’t the goal of this Website. I’ll leave that up to someone else.

8. How can I contact you?

You can easily contact me by visiting the contact form on my site, Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab. Since I have a number of sites, please be sure to mention which site you have a question about in your message.