Topic: Fashion and Clothing

Listen and Practice: Finding the right clothing for the right conditions is an important fashion choice. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

Being in style with the latest fashions is important for some people, but not for me. After I wake up and drag myself out of bed, I change into my clothes for the day. I usually wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to school. If it’s a little cool outside, I might throw on a sweat shirt or sweater. Then, I put on my shoes, and I’m out the door. Young people my age tend to follow the latest fashions because they want to fit in. My mom is just glad if I don’t wear the same shirt three days in a row. What can you expect from a teenager?

Reduced Speech:

Being in style with thə latest fashions is important fər some people, but not fər me. After I wake up ən’ drag myself out əf bed, I change into my clothes fər thə day. I usually wear ə pair əf jeans ən’ ə t-shirt  school. If it‘s ə little cool outside, I might throw on ə sweat shirt ər ə sweater. Then, I put on my shoes, ən’ I’m out thə door. Young people my age tend follow the latest fashions bəcause they want  fit in. My mom‘s just glad if I don’t wear thə same shirt three days in ə row. What kn  expect from ə teenager?


  1. Discussion: What types əf clothes do  wear  school ər work? When  were in high school, was there ə dress code (clothing rules)? Do  think having such ə dress standard is ə good ər bad idea? Please explain.
  2. The Internet: What kinds əf fashions have changed during thə past 50 years? In other words, what clothing do people wear now that they didn’t use  wear 50 years ago?