Topic: Dental Care

Listen and Practice: Taking care of your teeth is an important step in personal hygiene. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

After every meal, I am in the practice of brushing my teeth. I use a toothpaste recommended by my dentist, and I make sure to floss to remove any food between my teeth. I am also using a special kit for tooth whitening, something that is becoming more popular now. I visit my dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and checkup, and fortunately, my health insurance covers the cost. For most people, if you take care of your teeth, you won’t get any cavities.

Reduced Speech:

After every meal, I‘m in thə practice əf brushing my teeth. I use ə toothpaste recommended by my dentist, ən’ I make sure  floss  remove any food bətween my teeth. I‘m also using ə special kit fər tooth whitening, something that‘s bəcoming more popular now. I visit my dentist every six months fər ə dental cleaning ən’ checkup, ən’ fortunately, my health insurance covers thə cost. Fər most people, if  take care əf your teeth,  won‘t get any cavities.


  1. Discussion: Describe three good dental practices  protect children’s teeth.
  2. The Internet: Tooth whitening is growing in popular. Investigate thə different methods  doing this procedure, as well as thə costs ən risks fər each.