Topic: Breakfast recipes

Listen and Practice: Making breakfast can be fun and nutritious. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

Cooking breakfast can be fun if you enjoy it , and making food for someone else is even better. I usually cook eggs and bacon. First, I warm up the stove and then beat the eggs in a bowl. I prefer scrambled eggs, but I can make just about any type. I warm up the burner on the stove, and I pour the eggs in a frying pan. I use a spatula to mix and turn over the eggs. Once the eggs are done, I remove them from the pan and serve them to the family. If the eggs aren’t salty enough, the kids can add more salt or pepper.

Reduced Speech:

Cooking breakfast kn be fun if  enjoy it , ən’ making food fər someone else is even better. I usually cook eggs ən’ bacon. First, I warm up thə stove ən’ then beat thə eggs in ə bowl. I prefer scrambled eggs, but I kn make just about any type. I warm up thə burner on thə stove, ən’ I pour thə eggs in ə frying pan. I use ə spatula  mix ən’ turn over thə eggs. Once thə eggs are done, I remove əm from thə pan ən’ serve əm  thə family. If thə eggs aren’t salty enough, thə kids kn add more salt ər pepper.


  1. Discussion: Explain how  prepare eggs your favorite way. If  don’t cook, then pretend you’re cooking fər ə friend. What things kn  do  improve your cooking skills?
  2. The Internet: Look fər ə new egg recipe online, ən’ share the ideas with ə partner.