Audio Help

The audio has been prepared in MP3 audio. The audio should play an most desktop browsers and on mobile devices.

There are rare cases in which your computer or network may have been inadvertently blocked, limiting access to my Web sites. For example, you might be able to view my Web site one your wired network, but you only see a Forbidden Access message on a wireless connection. Another example, is that you can see it one day, but another day you just get an error message. (This is very different in the case where you can see the site just fine, but an audio file won’t play.)
There can be a variety of reasons why this might occur, and some times, this can result were security measures on my site or server might be trying to prevent unauthorized or suspicious activity. If you feel you might have been inadvertently blocked, my apologies. I may need your iP address to determine this. Contact me for details. Again, if you can see the Web site, but you can’t hear the audio files, then this is a separate issue.