Topic: Movie rentals and video downloads

Listen and Practice: Renting movies or downloading videos can be a great form of entertainment with family and friends. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

After a long day at school and work, I often rent a movie as a way of relaxing in the evening. I usually drop by a local video rental store on my way home, and a movie only costs a few dollars. I also belong to an online video rental Website, so I can rent movies from the comfort of my home. I sometimes invite friends over to watch the movies together. We sometimes make popcorn or order a pizza to eat with the movie. I like most types of movies including comedies and action films, but I can’t stand horror movies. If I rent movies, I just have to remember to return them on time; otherwise, I have to pay late fees.

Reduced Speech:

After ə long day at school ən’ work, I often rent ə movie as ə way əf rəlaxing in thə evening. I usually drop by ə local video rental store on my way home, ən’ ə movie only costs ə few dollars. I also bəlong  ən online video rental Website, so I kn rent movies from thə comfort əf my home. I sometimes invite friends over  watch thə movies təgether. We sometimes make popcorn ər order ə pizza  eat with thə movie. I like most types əf movies including comedies ən’ action films, but I can’t stand horror movies. If I rent movies, I just have tə rəmember  return ‘əm on time; otherwise, I have  pay late fees.


  1. Discussion: How often do  rent movies either online ər from ə video rental shop? Do  ever watch movies as ə way əf improving your English? If so, what activity have  found most useful in your language study?
  2. The Internet: Search online fər movie rental services. What services do they provide ən’ how kn renting movies from such companies benefit consumers?