Topic: Apartment Rentals

Listen and Practice: Renting apartments, condominiums, or houses as an international student can be difficult because you don’t know all the rules associated with this process. Listen to this recording about finding apartments. Answer the questions. Then, review the script to improve your listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

I have decided to move out of my parents’ place to live on my own, and now I am looking for an apartment. However, it is a lot more difficult and expensive than I thought. First of all, a one-bedroom apartment is going for about $500, and that is a little over my budget. Second, you have to pay a deposit, often equal to your first month’s rent. Next, most apartments are not furnished, so I have to come up with furniture and a washer and dryer. Finally, the utilities, including gas, electricity, and water are not included either, so that adds to the overall expenses of having your own place. I really think I need to get a roommate, or I will have to move back in with my parents.

Reduced Speech:

I’ve decided  move out əf my parents’ place  live on my own, ən’ now I‘m looking fər ən apartment. However, it‘s ə lot more difficult ən’ expensive than I thought. First əf all, ə one-bedroom apartment is going fər əbout $500, ən’ that‘s ə little over my budget. Second, yə have  pay ə deposit, often equal  your first month’s rent. Next, most apartments aren’t furnished, so I have  come up with furniture ən’ ə washer ən’ dryer. Finally, thə utilities, including gas, electricity, ən’ water are not included either, so that adds  thə overall expenses əf having your own place. I really think I need  get ə roommate, ər I‘ll have tə move back in with my parents.


  1. Discussion: Explain thə process əf finding ən apartment in your hometown, including any expenses associated with this move.
  2. The Internet: Search thə Internet fər apartment rentals in thə area where you live. Find two apartments with similar amenities ən’ decide which suits you best. Share your ideas with ə partner.