Topic: Lunch meals

Listen and Practice: Preparing lunch meals can be both an art and a budgetary challenge. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

I enjoy cooking lunch when I have time because it is much cheaper than eating at a restaurant. I usually fix something quick and easy like a sandwich or a bowl of soup, but somtimes I might take the time to prepare some pasta or fish. In fact, if I really want to have a nice meal, I can throw together a healthy salad with some pieces of chicken, tomatoes, and spinach. If my friends are free for lunch, I often invite them over to share the meal together.

Reduced Speech:

I enjoy cooking lunch when I have time bəcause it‘s much cheaper thən eating at ə restaurant. I usually fix something quick ən’ easy like ə sandwich ər ə bowl əf soup, but sometimes I might take thə time  prepare some pasta ər fish. In fact, if I really want tə have ə nice meal, I kn throw gether ə healthy salad with some pieces əf chicken, tomatos, ən’ spinach. If my friends are free fər lunch, I often invite ‘əm over  share thə meal gether.


  1. Discussion: What do  usually do fər lunch? Do  fix something yourself, ər do yə go out  eat? What‘s ə typical meal that someone in your area ər country would prepare fər lunch?
  2. The Internet: Look up ə recipe online fər ə common dish fər ə country you’d like ə visit. What are thə ingredients əf thə meal? How is it prepared?