Topic: Exercise and Fitness

Listen and Practice: Staying fit and getting sufficient exercise are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

I often exercise in the morning before I go to school, and my routine often changes from day to day. I usually go to a health club and swim twice a week. On the other days, I sometimes lift weights or go jogging. On the weekends, I often go hiking in the mountains near my home with my dog. I think that getting some exercise helps me stay fit, and it helps me burn off stress from the week. It’s also a good way to lose weight and stay trim.

Reduced Speech:

I often exercise in thə morning bəfore going  school, ən’ my routine often changes from day  day. I usually go  ə health club ən’ swim twice ə week. On thə other days, I sometimes lift weights ər go jogging. On thə weekends, I often go hiking in thə mountains near my home with my dog. I think that getting some exercise helps me stay fit, ən’ it also helps me burn off stress from thə week. It’s ə good way  lose weight ən’ stay trim.


  1. Discussion: What kinds əf activities do  do  stay fit ən’ keep in shape? If  don‘texercise, what are some əf your reasons fər not engaging in some form əf physical activity?
  2. The Internet: Imagine that  want  start your own exercise plan. Search thəInternet fər tips on how  get in good physical condition.