Topic: Driver’s Education

Listen and Practice: Taking a driver’s education course can be one step to independence. Listen and answer the questions. Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

On Saturdays, I am going to driving school because I want to get my license as soon as possible. During the class, we learn about the rules of the road, watch videos on traffic safety and defensive driving, and learn how to drive in different weather conditions. We also go out on the roads with the instructor and practice our driving skills. I am a little nervous because I do not want to get in an accident, and I do not want to get a ticket for not following the rules. I have to take the driving test next week, and I hope I can pass the first time.

Reduced Speech:

On Saturdays, I‘m going  driving school bəcause I want  get my license as soon as possible. During class, we learn əbout thə rules əf thə road, watch videos on traffic safety ən’ defensive driving, ən’ learn how  drive in different weather conditions. We also go out on thə roads with thə instructor ən’ practice our driving skills. I‘m ə little nervous bəcause I don‘t want  get in ən accident, ən’ I don’t want  get ə ticket fər not following thə rules. I have  take thə driving test next week, ən’ I hope I kn pass thə first time.


  1. Discussion: How old do  have  be  get ə driver’s license in your country? Do think raising ər lowering thə required age fər getting ə driver’s license would have əneffect on traffic safety?
  2. The Internet: Decide on ə country you’d like  visit ən’ find out thə process fərobtaining ə driver’s license in that country.