Topic: Train tickets

Listen and Practice: Many people ride the train to work and often on vacation. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

After I leave the house, I walk to the station to catch the train. This is the easiest way to commute to work. At the station, I buy a ticket from the ticket machine and then wait on the platform for the train to come. The train is scheduled to arrive at the station at a quarter to seven, and it is usually on time, but the train is sometimes delayed due to bad weather or accidents. When the train pulls into the station, people often crowd around the doors with the hope of rushing into the train to get a good seat. Fortunately, most people are courteous and give up their seats to the elderly and the physically disabled. When my train arrives at my destination, I get off the train and exit the station. From there, I just have to walk a few blocks to work. The entire trip takes about an hour.

Reduced Speech:

After I leave thə house, I walk  thə station  catch thə train. This is thə easiest way commute  work. At thə station, I buy ə ticket from thə ticket machine ən’ then wait on thəplatform fər thə train  come. Thə train‘s scheduled  arrive at thə station at ə quarter seven, ən’ it‘s usually on time, but thə train‘s sometimes dəlayed due  bad weather əraccidents. When thə train pulls in thə station, people often crowd əround thə doors with thə hope əf rushing in thə train  get ə good seat. Fortunately, most people are courteous ən’ give up their seats  thə elderly ən’ thə physically disabled. When my train arrives at my destination, I get off thə train ən’ exit thə station. From there, I just have  walk ə few blocks  work. Thə entire trip takes əbout ən hour.


  1. Discussion: How do  commute  school ər work everyday, ən’ how long does thətrip take? Describe thə entire process əf taking ə train, from buying ə ticket  exiting thə station.
  2. The Internet: Suppose  want  travel by train around Europe during your summer vacation. Where kn  purchase ə train pass online? How much does it cost? What are thə terms əf use?