Topic: Online degrees and distance education

Listen and Practice: Getting an online degree can be a way of furthering your education. Listen and answer the questions.Then, review the script to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

Actual Transcription:

Many people want to improve their education and job skills, and taking online classes through distance education is one way to do this. I enrolled in an online program in computer science, and I can take my general education requirements online and get those out of the way before I take my main classes for my major. I really enjoy studying this way because I can meet many different people online from around the world. I go online, do assignments, post messages to the classroom bulletin board, and chat with fellow students two or three times a week. The tuition is reasonable, and I can finish my program in about a year.

Note: There are many types of online masters degree programs that can help you further your educational goals. Enrolling in such programs can lead to better employment opportunities.

Reduced Speech:

Many people want  improve their education ən’ job skills, ən’ taking online classes through distance education is one way  do this. I enrolled in ən online program in computer science, ən’ I kn take my general education rəquirements online ən’ get those out əf the way bəfore I take my main classes fər my major. I really enjoy studying this way bəcause I kn meet many different people online from əround the world. I go online, do assignments, post messages  thə classroom bulletin board, ən’ chat with fellow students two ər three times ə week. Thə tuition‘s reasonable, ən’ I kn finish my program in əbout ə year.


  1. Discussion: Have  ever thought əbout enrolling in ən online class? Why ər why not? What do  think thə advantages ər disadvantages əf studying online?
  2. The Internet: Use the Internet  find two schools that offer online courses əf degrees in your field əf study. Compare thə programs in terms əf cost, application requirements, length əf study, ən’ curriculum design. Which would suit  most ən’why?